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Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite

Protect your infrastructure


The cost of maintaining and upgrading devices

Security issues

Issues around mobility


Enterprise Mobility Suite is a collection of security software including Azure Active Directory Premium, Microsoft Intune, Azure Rights Management, and Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics. Enterprise Mobility Suite provides enterprise grade IT solutions for hybrid identity management, mobile device management, and information protection.

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Key Feature of Enterprise Mobility Suite

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) is a comprehensive mobility solution that can be deployed over on-premises, hybrid or cloud architecture. It allows users to work on any device, wherever they need to, while keeping company data safe.

Protect your infrastructure

Quickly identify threats and keep your systems safe

Multi-platform management

Manage apps and security across PC, Mac, IOS, Android and Windows devices

Share your data securely

Protect your valuable information, no matter who you share it with

Secure identity

Single Sign-On backed with multi factor authentication helps keep data secure

Pricing plan coming soon

What are the benefits of the Microsoft EMS?

  • A: Better office management – EMS integrates with Office and is the only solution that brings managed mobile productivity across all platforms
  • Single identify for accessing resources – EMS manages access to all resources, both on premise and in the cloud, with a Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Extensive protection of corporate email and documents across 4 layers  – EMS protects at the identity, device, application and data layers
  • Enables  selective wipe for devices– Using Intune you can remotely wipe lost or stolen devices
  • Control to corporate applications – IT can set policy-based access control for compliance and data protection
  • Support flexible working – employees can access corporate desktop applications from both personal and corporate devices

How can I upgrade an Intune user to EMS?

A : EMS is a great upgrade option as you will get Azure Rights Management and Azure Active Directory premium on top of Intune for only a small upgrade cost. So you can stop your Select or other Open program and move to EMS in CSP. Please contact your local Microsoft Distribution account manager for support when moving customers from one program to another.

What account should I use to sign up for an Azure subscription?

A: As a best practice, you should sign up for Azure as an organization and use a work or school account to manage resources in Azure. Work or school accounts are preferred because they can be centrally managed by the organization that issued them, they have more features than Microsoft accounts, and they are directly authenticated by Azure AD.

If I deploy Azure Rights Management (RMS) in production, is my company then locked into the solution or risk losing access to content that we protected with Azure RMS?

A: No, you always remain in control of your data and can continue to access it, even if you decide to no longer use Azure RMS.