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Microsoft SharePoint

Get access to company resources with the new SharePoint app


SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration and document management platform.

SharePoint Online delivers all the features of SharePoint through the cloud, which saves on the costs of managing the physical infrastructure. SharePoint online can be bought as a standalone plan or as part of an Office 365 Suite.

Anywhere Access

Get access to company resources with the new SharePoint app

Intelligence and Insights

Office Graph provides intelligence that lets allows user stay current with their business

Seamless Collaboration

Real time content creating and sharing using familiar Microsoft Office tools

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Keep data safe with strong algorithm encryption and DLP

What is the difference between SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online?

A: SharePoint Online is a cloud based service which saves the associated overheads of managing infrastructure. It has most of the same features as SharePoint Server but Online is automatically updated. Innovations and Integrations such as Delve, Sway and Office Graph are happening in the cloud first.

How secure is my data on SharePoint Online?

A: SharePoint Online supports multi-factor authentication, email encryption and data loss prevention tools. Encryption comes as standard for data in transit and at rest.

Microsoft’sata centres are protected by 24-hour monitoring, multi-factor authentication and biometric scanning

How much storage is included with SharePoint Online?

A: When you open a file created with an earlier version of Visio in the new Visio, some features will be disabled for compatibility. Converting the file to the new Visio file format will enable all features. To convert a Visio 2003-2010 drawing to the new file format, on the File menu, click Info, and then click Convert 1TB per Tenant is included plus an additional 0.5GB per subscribed user. You can purchase an unlimited amount of storage data as an add-on, see the Upgrades tab for details.

Is my SharePoint Online Data backed up?

A: Data protection services are provided to prevent the loss of SharePoint Online data. Backups are performed every 12 hours and retained for 14 days. This describes the data backup services as offered when SharePoint Online is generally available. You can recover components of Site or Site Collection. SharePoint Online has set an RPO and RTO in the event of a disaster:

1 hour RPO: Microsoft protects your SharePoint Online data and has a copy of that data that is equal to or less than 1 hour old.
6 hour RTO: Organisations will be able to resume service within 6 hours after service disruption if a disaster incapacitates a hosting data centre.

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